View Full Version : Schneider lens issue: Fungus, common problem?

Ling Z
30-Dec-2004, 17:43
I own many LF lenses, of which are from all four major LF lens manufactures: Schneider, Rodenstock, Nikon and Fujinon. I live in Southern California, the weather is nearly perfet for lenses, and I always store them in dry cabinet very carefully. In recently two years, I have been aware of some problems with Schneider lenses: paint chips, fungus and haze. Yes, these problems happen on Schneider lenses only! My new 80XL lens had a weird haze problem which was also reported by other shooters, and I sent it back to Schneider through Badger Graphic for a replacement; My Apo-Symmar 480 has lots of paint losses on the inner barrel; My Apo-Symmar 360 has some tiny white spots along the inner element rims; and this week, I found many funguses inside my new 210Xl front element. Those funguses are located between two pieces of front glass elements, which was sealed in factory. But, none of my Rodenstock, Nikon and Fujinon lenses has these issues though they are stored in the same condition. I talked with a friend of mine about these problems, and he told me Schneider lenses usually had a "outgassing" problem. The post-manufacturing "outgas" may eventually cause these problems no matter how you store the lenses.

I am not sure if these problems are quite common with Schneider lenses, any of your suggestions is appreciated.

Kevin Crisp
30-Dec-2004, 18:34
Ling: I also live in Southern California. I have had the gradual and fairly minor fogging of inner elements occur with Schneider and Rodenstock lenses, over time. I suspect our warmer environment makes this somewhat more likely, but don't know that for certain. Having purchased lenses from around the world from that auction site, I can say I have seen this fog across many brands from many regions. I usually take the lens apart (not hard if the threads are undamaged) and clean it off. This is an easy 10 minute process and I've never had to do it a second time. The flaking or flecks on the black paint surrounding the lens is not uncommon, people call it Schneideritis, and it is probably harmless. It has been reported with other manufacturer's products, but Schneiders, especially the older ones, seem to have this issue. All that being said, I am VERY surprised to hear a report of fungus in a lens stored as you describe, in Southern California. Are you sure that is what it is? Fungus looks like light-colored feathery threads, the few times I have seen it.

30-Dec-2004, 20:06
Could the fog be from the plastic covers off-gassing?