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3-Feb-2015, 11:22
I tend to put all of my gear in a backpack when shooting on location. I've got cases from the PhotoBackpacker for my 4x5 cameras and lenses, but, they don't seem to have a case in stock for the KMV that I just bought.

Any thoughts? i like having the modular cases.

3-Feb-2015, 11:38
Actually, looking around my studio, I realized that the KMV is almost the exact same size as my Mackie mixer. Came up with this bag: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ProFX12Bag.

3-Feb-2015, 18:36
The Kodak Master 8x10 is a pretty tough package all by itself - are you sure you need to keep it in it's own case? PhotoBackpacker makes (made?) a case which fits the camera fairly well but takes up more space in an already tight pack. I use my darkcloth and trail clothing to pad the camera on day trips and it works out pretty well. The pack is a fairly compact Gregory something or other.

Drew Bedo
5-Feb-2015, 08:41
Nonuniform: My experience has been that thrift stores such as Goodwill often have bags that would meet your need, and sell them for very little money. Take a look from time to time.

5-Feb-2015, 15:35
The camera is solid, but, things get pushed around while being carried in a backpack. I'll take a look around.

Drew Bedo
6-Feb-2015, 05:59
Also check out this thread; http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?119805-Foam-for-film-holder-cases-Looking-for-a-product/page2

Go to page 2 for the post on making your own dividers.

10-Feb-2015, 08:54
If it were me, and only walking a mile or two, I'd just carry it by it's handle, and put everything else in a small knapsack backpack. But if you are going miles, or actually camping, I can see wanting to keep it from scratching up everything else. So I'd get a light bookback, and put it in that, and put that into the main backpack.

Miguel Coquis
15-Feb-2015, 14:26
Your box is full,