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3-Feb-2015, 06:02
Would you find max 125th sec shutter speed (like on a Copal Press shutter) restrictive when shooting outdoors?

3-Feb-2015, 06:13
No, Bob. :)
Except for the rare times when I shoot wide open, outdoors, with a faster film.

David R Munson
3-Feb-2015, 06:24
At those times there are always filters. Filters are lovely things.

3-Feb-2015, 07:43
NoBob, it has never been a problem... when shooting slow film.

3-Feb-2015, 07:57
Only when taking LF pictures of Cheetahs (i.e. never).

Disclaimer: I will add that in the past I have hand-held either a Speed Graphic or Graflex and used focal plane shutter speeds up to 1/500 sec, but in the course of most LF photography from a tripod, not so much. There have been times when it would have come in handy to have higher shutter speeds when using a Verito or Kodak Portrait lens, so that I could shoot wide open without having to stack ND and other filters in front of the lens.

3-Feb-2015, 08:08
Very few Copal shutters run faster than 1/125 of a second, no matter what number is on the dial.

Oren Grad
3-Feb-2015, 08:13
Looking back at more than 15 years of LF photography, primarily with HP5 Plus, I can't recall ever using a speed that fast.

I am tinkering a bit more with hand-held work these days. In that, I think I might get as far as 1/60 once in a great while.

3-Feb-2015, 08:35
Absolutely. I use soft focus lenses a great deal which means wider aperture required than most LF users. I use 1/1000 sec regularly in the summer sun with my speed graphic. I use the graflex so I can get those shutter speeds! Not many options these days for slow LF film. Filters do work, but it's one more thing to forget and screw up the exposure.

Jim Noel
3-Feb-2015, 09:18
would you find max 125th sec shutter speed (like on a copal press shutter) restrictive when shooting outdoors?


Kevin Crisp
3-Feb-2015, 09:22
No. When I have a tripod I have only used 1/60th once in 20+ years. When handloading a Crown Graphic, though, I do use 1/60th and 1/125th.

3-Feb-2015, 13:48
Same on the 1/60 here. I have never found the 1/125 on my large shutters to be problematic. Never had a problem accommodating the Instant on my Packard and Luc shutters, either.

3-Feb-2015, 14:25
Would you find max 125th sec shutter speed ... restrictive when shooting outdoors?

Not too restrictive, but I do have plenty of landscape shots at 1/125 @ f/16 + 1/125 @ f/22.

Mostly w/ HP5+ film, when texture is key for clouds or snow.

A quick example – 1/125 @ f/22:


My exposure put the brightest cloud textures a little above zone 7.

I have many shots when 1/250 and 1/500 are welcome speeds.

Tachi 4x5
Schneider XL 110mm/5.6
Ilford HP5+ (in HC-110)
Epson 4990/Epson Scan

3-Feb-2015, 14:25
Very few Copal shutters run faster than 1/125 of a second, no matter what number is on the dial.

^^^ At least not much faster anyway. ^^^

Plus shutters last much longer if not pushed so hard. Go from 1/125 to 1/250 shutter setting and what might you gain... maybe 1/2 step (1/180 at best)? That's hardly worth the added strain on the shutter unless you have no other choice due to type of film used and lack of preparation to deal with issues that filters can handle.