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Drew Bedo
2-Feb-2015, 06:15
Ran across this yesterday. http://www.gadgetreview.com/2010/10/chris-mccaws-giant-cameras

Anyone who has posted a thread saying, "What tripod is best for . . .?" should look into this. This photographer has a body of recognized work that some like enough to hang in galleries, though some are less enthusiastic (eye-of-the-beholder, right?). But gear-head that I am, I'd really like to see and read more about these canon sized cameras and the lenses they use!

David R Munson
2-Feb-2015, 06:48
I've liked his work for a long time, and appreciate the DIY aspect of his technique.

bob carnie
2-Feb-2015, 07:14
Wow - don't let Monty see this one

2-Feb-2015, 07:46
Anyone know what lenses he has?

Michael Stoyak
2-Feb-2015, 08:47
The latest Art of Photography video on YouTube is devoted to McCaw's work with these cameras.

Drew Bedo
2-Feb-2015, 08:57
Can anyone get him to post a thread in the DIY forum or at least a few pics in the Show Your Camera thread?

Tav Walraven
3-Feb-2015, 21:37
The "small" item on the left must be his light meter !!

3-Feb-2015, 23:11
The image on the news page made this look about 20 times bigger than it actually is. On the guy's web site, http://www.chrismccaw.com/Press.html, it shows it in context! It's still massive but not quite as bit as I first thought!

Tracy Storer
5-Feb-2015, 09:56
The OPs link shows the 30x40 "Redux" of the 20x24 on Chris' press page. CM is also a very nice and fun fellow, and quite a good Platinum printer.

Andrew Plume
5-Feb-2015, 10:34
Some years back, there was a really good article in 'VC Mag' on Chris' (then) work which highlighted this:-



5-Feb-2015, 10:41
I love the liberal use of clamps and the electric drill to lower and raise the big camera! And was indeed fooled by the scale!

Bill Burk
3-Sep-2015, 20:36
Can anyone get him to post a thread in the DIY forum or at least a few pics in the Show Your Camera thread?

My sister sent me a text yesterday and asked if I knew Chris McCaw... she was looking at a show of his work...

No, I haven't met him that I know... But he only lives a couple miles away... Maybe I can go up the street and ask him.

7-Sep-2015, 09:05
That's like the mars curiosity rover!

Kirk Gittings
7-Sep-2015, 11:14
At these sizes to me it oftentimes seems like cases of diminishing aesthetic returns as the tech overwhelms the image making. But I think he pulls it off.