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Jeff Morfit
30-Dec-2004, 13:46
What size of filter do I need for the Fujinon W 125mm lens I just ordered?

Thanks in advance.


30-Dec-2004, 14:09

By I chance I had that open already. 46mm?

David Karp
30-Dec-2004, 14:18
I have a 125mm f/5.6 lens marked Fujinon W, with EBC multicoating and a silver ring Copal No. 0 shutter. If that is the version you purchased, the filter size is 52mm. This is probably what is technically known as an "NW" even though it is marked as "W." If it is a true "W" then it is single coated and uses smaller filters. Then, there is a 125mm f/8.0 "NSW" which is a different beast altogether.

There is a table with filter sizes available at http://members.aol.com/subgallery/byfl.htm (http://members.aol.com/subgallery/byfl.htm).

You can tell if your lens is EBC multicoated by looking at the reflection of a point light source in the coating. You should see reflections in multiple colors (purplish and green if memory serves me correctly).

For more information on Fujinon lenses, check out Kerry Thalmann's site at www.thalmann.com/largeformat.

David Karp
30-Dec-2004, 14:43
I should add, that in addition to his website, Kerry Thalmann wrote a very detailed article a while back in View Camera Magazine that covers the sometimes confusing Fujinon nomenclature. (For example, why a Fujinon NW was labeled W on the lens barrel.)

Jeff Morfit
30-Dec-2004, 15:08
It is in fact a 125mm f5.6 lens with a (silver ring) Seiko B shutter.


Gem Singer
30-Dec-2004, 18:15
Hi Jeff,

As you probably realize by now, since your lens in mounted in a Seiko shutter, it is an older version of the 125W, single coated, and takes a 46mm. screw-in filter.