View Full Version : How is TF5 working for you?

Tin Can
1-Feb-2015, 11:31
I see TF4 fans are still here. I use TF5. I find it works very well, I use it only for negatives, yet it is good for paper also.

Any TF5 fans, haters or wannabes not buried in snow today?

I settled on TF5 simply because it is the last Kodak fixer formulated. Gotta be good, right?

My local camera store, Central Camera in downtown Chicago stocks it, made by Photography Formulary. They sell it for less with tax than I can buy it on the Internet.

As it's alkaline, I use a water stop as Kodak recommended.


1-Feb-2015, 12:05
I didn't know Central Camera stocked it, and for less than I can buy it from PF. Thanks for the info.
I use it for negatives and paper.

John Bowen
1-Feb-2015, 17:36
Coulda sworn TF5 was formulated by APUG's PE (aka Ron Mowry). I've used TF5 ever since they introduced it. Wonderful stuff with Pyro negatives. It works as advertised.

Michael R
1-Feb-2015, 18:00
A few things about TF-5:

-Not a Kodak formula. As John notes Ron worked on it.
-Not alkaline. It is neutral (in fact just slightly acidic). TF-4 is alkaine.
-It is well buffered and a standard acidic stop bath works well with it (TF-4 also works fine with an acid stop bath)

Works perfectly well and most papers should require somewhat less washing vs most commercial rapid fixers.

Michael Clark
1-Feb-2015, 19:59
Been using it for the last 2 years for film and paper and not had a problem with it that I know of, easy to mix and store.


Peter De Smidt
1-Feb-2015, 21:10
I used to buy 5 gallon containers of rapid fix from Badger Graphic Sales. This was the stuff used in minilabs, and that last time I bought it, it was about $30. At film strength that made 25 gallons. I'm starting to run out. I'll have to see if I can still buy this. I don't add the acid, and so it was pretty close to neutral ph, and it works as well as any fix I've used.