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Uncle Jim
1-Feb-2015, 09:49
Hi All,

While on the 'bay' recently, I noticed a 5 x 7 2D for sale in decent condition and stopped to look at the pictures. I immediately noticed a difference in the camera when I pulled up the large pictures of it.

All of the previous 2Ds that I had seen had the rear tilt feature connected directly through the wooden rear standard. This camera was different as it had the metal arms of the rear tilt mechanism connected to
a brass plate on either side of the rear standard box. Could this be a new variation, or could it be a very professionally done repair job, as it certainly looked original to the camera? Has anyone else seen this kind
of modification previously? It certainly would appear to be a better way to connect the two, and would prevent wear and looseness if the rear tilt was used a lot.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

uncle jim

2-Feb-2015, 10:15
I'd have to see a picture. But the Series 2 cameras started out with Century making them. When Kodak bought Century, they changed some things. They also combined features of another maker, Empire.

Ken Lee
2-Feb-2015, 12:06
See http://www.piercevaubel.com/cam/ekc/2d.htm

Uncle Jim
2-Feb-2015, 15:13
Hi Ken,

Yes, I have checked that site and also the Google page that shows a number of 2Ds, but again, I have never a 2D that had the tilt arms attached to plates on the side of the rear standard box.

uncle jim

Jonathan Barlow
2-Feb-2015, 23:11
Yes, the plate at the top of the arm is a variation I haven't seen before. The patina is consistent indicating that it's original to the camera.

128890 128891

Uncle Jim
3-Feb-2015, 15:02
Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for posting the pictures of the camera. I wasn't sure how to do that, or whether I could identify the camera by its Ebay account number.

Thanks again,
uncle jim