View Full Version : Linhof technikardan 69 fresnel ground glass

dirk dom
30-Jan-2015, 18:46

I have a 47 and 65mm lens for my Linhof Technikardan 69, and the image on the ground glass is very dark. I want to buy a fresnel screen.

Is this screen put in front or behind the ground glass and can it be removed by me if needed, can I install it myself, or does Linhof have to replace the ground glass with the fresnel and will this stay in place permanently? In that case, how is the fresnel ccn focusing accuracy?

Thank you,

Dirk Dom.

Bob Salomon
31-Jan-2015, 03:27
It comes with a pair of clips that mounts it behind the ground glass so it it closest to your eye. It is easily installed by the user and can be instantly removed, when desired. It uses different mounting clips that the 45 Linhof Fresnel.

The Fresnel can not have an effect on focusing when properly installed since it is mounted on top of the gg. What can effect focusing accuracy is using a loupe that has not been focused properly on the grain side of the gg or one that does not have a focusing eyepiece since that one will be focused on the Fresnel and not on the grain side of the gg where the image plane lies.

If you have the TK 69 then you want to replace your GG and add the Fresnel since the GG from the current TK69S is brighter then the original gg on the old TK69 camera. Because of the way that the TK and Tehnika 69 gg is installed you do want an experienced Linhof service technician to install it as it is very easy to displace the film plane setting if it is not done correctly. And you can ask George Tice how big an error that can be when he broke his 69TK gg on location and an inexperienced repairman improperly replaced his.