View Full Version : 75mm Nikon f/4.5 SW coverage at smaller then F/16?

29-Dec-2004, 15:02
Does the coverage of this lens increase at smaller F stops? I notice it's on the list of lenses for 5x7 but at F/16 the image circle is only 200mm.

Donald Hutton
29-Dec-2004, 15:34
The image circle will increase beyond f16. However, if you are looking for an ultrawide for 5X7, the 72mm Schneider XL would be a much better choice - it has a very large image circle which will give you loads of room for movements. It's worth having a long hard think about just hope wide you want to go - 72mm on 5X7 is amazingly wide!

29-Dec-2004, 15:56
I'm basically looking at it for 4x5 and 6x12 rollfilm but if it covered 5x7 that might tip the scales. The added use would make it more interesting. If it doesn't I think the 90mm F/8 Nikon is my choice.


Armin Seeholzer
29-Dec-2004, 16:33
Hi Nick

The 75 mm Nikkor does not cover 5x7 it is also not so stated in the original Nikon brochure the 90 f 4.5 and f8 dos it cover and I recommend the f 4.5 it is much easier to focus then the f8!