View Full Version : Bunny Island

John Kasaian
28-Jan-2015, 18:52
WHOA! This looks like an interesting place to take a LF camera

Leszek Vogt
28-Jan-2015, 19:29
Indeed, a nice place to get some eebie jeebies.


Drew Wiley
29-Jan-2015, 09:29
John - you should research a place called "Squirrel World" in northern China. It's a large artificial caged island in a major industrial city, where many people have never seen wild animals in their life, and big lines of tourists are herded inside the cages, with all kinds of squirrels running around loose. Some friends of mine sent me back some e-pictures, which made me almost howl with laughter. Of course, they thought this place was going to be an international sensation, so put up all kinds of poorly translated signs in English too. One of the signs in the moat, warning people not to fall into the "deep" water reads: "PROFUNDITY WATER". Dictionaries have their limitations, I guess. We had a pet tree squirrel a few years back, which we released in the woods when full grown, to no doubt become a part of the food chain; but certain other things I've done to tree squirrels (like eating them myself) are best not talked about in mixed company.

Alan Gales
30-Jan-2015, 12:44
No Hef. Wrong kind of bunnies. :(