View Full Version : Fujinon Tele 300 mm

Giovanni Da Ronch
29-Dec-2004, 11:56
Fujinon Tele 300 mm is a good lens for color and black/white ?
Is it optimezed to infinity or close-up ?
I use a Shean-Hao camera?
Thank, Giovanni

Ted Harris
29-Dec-2004, 12:29

When you say Fujinon Tele I assume mean just that the 300 mm Tele and not the 300 mm Compact. Both of these lenses are optimized for infinity. I would think that you would be better off with the 300 C given the size and weight of the Tele on a field camera. However, I have not used either of these lens, I use a Fujinon 300 A. They will all work fine for color and black & white.

Gem Singer
29-Dec-2004, 13:01
Hello Giovanni,

The Fujinon 300 f8 T (telephoto) lens is a unique lens. It is one of two actual telephoto designs (that I'm aware of) that is mounted in a Copal 0 shutter. It is a five element lens, with a 213mm image circle. It takes 67mm screw-in filters. It is EBC coated and will work for color, as well as B&W.

When I owned a 4x5 Shen Hao, the Fuji 300T was my longest lens. It only needed 195mm of bellows extension to focus at infinity. Like all telephoto designs, the lens is optimized for infinity. Because the nodal point is out ahead of the lens, the image on the groundglass will move excessivly when using movements. That is normal for a telephoto designed lens. My 300T was sometimes used for head and shoulder portraits, and it seemed to work very well when focused at that distance.