View Full Version : Why are Fuji copals different from all others?

27-Jan-2015, 07:09
Does any one know why Fuji copal shutters are different then all others?
Different face plate, different aperture lever design, different cable release socket etc.,...

David Karp
27-Jan-2015, 07:18
Nikon Copals are different too. I think I read somewhere that it was manufacturer preference. Easy changes to make. Satisfied the customer.

27-Jan-2015, 09:07
If you search eBay for "copal shutter" you'll see there are numerous different Copal shutter designs. Some vary by age, some vary by lens manufacturer, some vary by market (with the chrome shutter speed ring shutters being common in Japan). It is not just Fuji - you can find these types of shutters on Nikon, Rodenstock/Caltar, or Schneider lenses as well. Typically on the older lenses.

For what it's worth, early production Nikon lenses used the chrome shutters, later production used the more common all-black shutters.

Drew Wiley
27-Jan-2015, 09:28
All the Fuji Copals I've ever seen were perfectly typical for their vintage, and not unique at all. For example, you'll encounter Copal 3s shutters on certain older
lenses, prior to Copal 3, chrome-ring shutters prior to all-black ones, etc.

David Karp
27-Jan-2015, 10:49
The Fuji Copal shutters typically have the aperture adjustment lever on the bottom, shaped differently than those on other lenses. I think the black vs. silver distinction on the speed adjustment ring is a question of vintage, not manufacturer or market. The oldest ones are silver with the toothy serrations. The more recent silver rings are blocky, like the newest black ones. If I recall correctly, different versions and vintages may have varying numbers of aperture blades.

Sal Santamaura
27-Jan-2015, 11:35
Why are Fuji copals different from all others?Same reason Nikkor Copal shutters are -- marketing differentiation.

Drew Wiley
28-Jan-2015, 10:35
You get multiple aperture blades and effectively round aperture only on the old 3s Copals, not any of the more recent 3 Copals. One reason I prefer the 3s, even though they're more clumsy to operate.