View Full Version : Some help to understand how to ready images to be used with Duratrans.

26-Jan-2015, 13:58
Hi, I'm new in this forum, if you can I'd like to learn something about Duratrans.

I've been doing some tests and I've found that the images I print in Duratrans have a reddish color in them.

Let me explain, let say I have an image that consist of only a black sky, it's night and the moon is showing, so the colors I see are mostly different grays, black, white (moon), etc.

However, when I send that image to the studio so they can print it, and then I use LED strips to illuminate it from behind, I notice that the blacks now have a reddish tonality, very noticeable.

I suspect it has something to do with what kind of light I'm putting through the image, or maybe the print they use is producing a bad result.. no idea.

Sorry for my English, not native tongue!.