View Full Version : Grover value

William E. Lindsay
18-Aug-1999, 20:42
First, thank you for answering my questions on the Polaroid and the Grover. The Polaroid doesn't exist. The lens is mounted on the Grover!!.

What is the Grover worth? It is set up with 8 film holders, a 4X5 polaroid back , a large film changing bag, a holder carrying case and a camera carrying case. All appear to be in excellent condition.


Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
18-Aug-1999, 23:38
What is a Grover worth? In milk and cookies or American $???

I think I paid $250.00 - $350.00 for a 5 X 7 Grover w 5 X 7 & 4 X 5 back, home made case, 254 F/6.8 Caltar lens in lensboard, and I don't remember how many holders of boith types, in the late eighties or early nineties.

I would suggest checking out prices in Shutterbug and E-bay for Grovers, Saturns, Calumet CC's, Orbits and similar budget priced cameras. Also McBroom's price guide should give you a good ball park figure. Keep your mind hovering in the less than $500.00 range.

Do not be in a hurry to buy this or any camera! Time spent in research and hands-on education are the keys to making the right choice. Ocassionally the dilligent are rewarded with unheard of finds! Ask H. T. Stanley!

Ultimatley the outfit is worth what you or someone else is willing to pay.