View Full Version : Difference in a 85B and G filter?

22-Jan-2015, 12:22
What is the significant difference between using an 85B and an Orange (G) filter for B&W film. (TTL metering will take care of the difference in filter factor density number.)

22-Jan-2015, 12:48
tool around here
and check out the transmission curves.
One difference is in the cut off

22-Jan-2015, 12:50
Monochromatic orange filters are blocking blue and green, while 85B is attenuating them by about two stops.

22-Jan-2015, 12:54
I think Sevo answered it.

To me, orange is largely red with 50% green and has no blue component. The 85B has blue.
I have tried an 85B with Tri-X. Not much good at all.