View Full Version : Horseman Bino Reflex Viewer (23543) on a Horseman Monorail ?

21-Jan-2015, 07:16
128340Is it possible with an adapter to put a Horseman Bino Reflex Viewer on a Horseman monorail?


Did Horseman have an adapter for this, or does it need a custom made adapter, or not viable at all?

Thank you.


22-Jan-2015, 13:05
John, I have this Horseman Bino Reflex Viewer and mine came with an adapter for use on a Horseman or Toyo camera. Without the adapter it will fit on a Sinar back. I don't know how hard it will be to find an adapter. These excellent reflex viewers seem to be pretty uncommon. I use mine on both a sinar and a Toyo.

Ian Gordon Bilson
22-Jan-2015, 20:21
Sinar and Horseman parts have wide interchangeability. This viewer is claimed to fit my LB,so I reckon it will clip straight onto yours.

Andrew G.
3-Jul-2015, 05:35
Hi John,

I have the same camera, with the same ground-glass frame, so I faced the same problem (the only difference is that my magnifier is Sinar, but the two has the same mount).

Could you, please help which accessory do I need to mount the magnifier onto the rear frame with the ground glass staying inbetween?

Thank you.