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21-Jan-2015, 07:07
Ciao :)

It looks like I will spend a week or so in Rome this spring. I was wondering - since I haven't been there for a good couple of years and back then I didn't use a camera that would require a tripod - how is the general attitude towards us LF shooters? Is using tripod-bound cameras allowed in, say, most of the basilicas and also in the old Roman places like Foro Romano or in the Terme di Caracalla?

Any /recent/ experience there?


21-Jan-2015, 07:17
I haven't shot any lf when I was in Rome back in October, but in most places, people are unlikely to object to your bringing your camera gear. Maybe it's a little more difficult in the very popular churches, but I don't foresee problems in places like the forum and definitely not in the streets. If you see a guy shooting paper negatives of tourists, do make a chat with him, it's likely to be Borik, a really nice chap with an interesting approach to lf photography. I still need to send him an email!

Renato Tonelli
21-Jan-2015, 07:23
A tripod will not be allowed in places like the Foro Romano without special permission (good luck getting one!). It is a very crowded archaeological site. You might get away with a monopod... Please let us know how you do.
I was there this Summer and spent two days in their entirety photographing the Foro Romano with my tiny Rollei 35.

21-Jan-2015, 08:29
Good point regarding the tripod limitation; I didn't remember that. I also only shot handheld on my last visit. But really, the streets of Rome offer so many opportunities for LF shooting and the major tourist attractions are so crowded anyway that I would be happy myself to limit to just the streets.

Just to give an impression of the number of tourists you can expect (these were shot in the first week of October):
Inside the Colloseo:

St. Peter's:

Spanish Stairs:

Looking into Via dei Condotti:

I think the main issue with Rome is not so much the rules, but the number of tourists. It's tricky enough to get a decent picture with the agility of a handheld camera, let alone being tied to a relatively static camera system.

21-Jan-2015, 10:54
Ouch.. "thank you" for those snapshots... Previously I always tried to go to rome in February as I found it emptiest at that time of year (and similarly Paris)... But seeing this, I might re-consider my interests.. :) Anyway, we'll be with the kids during the day, so most of serious photography will be done in the morning where it might be less bad than you show.. :)

22-Jan-2015, 01:30
I'm sure early mornings will be much quieter! And I definitely didn't want to discourage you; despite the many tourists (me and my girlfriend only added to the problem ;)), we had a great time in Rome. And we saw many spots where it was less crowded; my guess is that you'll probably take the best pictures at places that are not as well known as the major attractions.