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Doug Dolde
27-Dec-2004, 15:37
I've been considering an Epson 4000 whose cut sheet capacity is 17x22". However Epson only sells TWO papers in that size neither of which I want to use: "Photo Quality Paper" and "Photo Quality Glossy Paper".

If you look further the you can find a few more papers in 17x22 cut sizes. None of which I really am interested in using.
(See http://www.atlex.com/paper-by-size/17x22-inkjet-sheet-paper.htm (http://www.atlex.com/paper-by-size/17x22-inkjet-sheet-paper.htm) )

Anyone know of other choices? I have no interest in hasseling with roll paper and its attendant curl problems. Why would Epson produce such a great printer then supply almost no cut sheets to fit its tray's maximum capacity?

Kirk Gittings
27-Dec-2004, 15:45
I think as time passes there will be many more papers available. I have found roll papers very user friendly and much more affordable. Curling has not been much of an issue either for commercial images on Premium Luster or fine art images on various matte. I just weight them over night. The inks need to cure anyway so I try not to print anything that must be delivered the same day.

Ted Harris
27-Dec-2004, 16:17
There are lots ofr other papers in this size and 16x20 from smaller 'art paper' houses that cater to professionals. I buy most of my paper from Red River http://redrivercatalog.com/sbprinter/uc.htm and you will find at least a haalf dozen, actually more I believe, from them in these sizes that are excellenty matches for the 4000. Dourian is one of my favorites.

tim atherton
27-Dec-2004, 16:19
which papers (or what sort) are you looking for?

Doug Dolde
27-Dec-2004, 18:13
Enhanced Matte and Ultra Smooth Fine Art...the good stuff.

George Stewart
27-Dec-2004, 19:32
I had the Epson 2200 for more than a year and never used the roll system. I recently upgraded to the 4000 and have used both the tray and rolls. My question is, why would one want to use sheets when a roll is available and costs less. Curl is only slight and not an issue. The only time I've used sheets with the 4000 is when printing on 8.5x11 for a porfolio book and when printing topo-maps on 17x22 photo quality inkjet paper (read coated plain paper).

Go for the 4000 and plan on using rolls, you'll love it!

Kirk Gittings
27-Dec-2004, 23:27

I completely concur with George. I use both those paper in rolls on a 4000 with no problems (except the last few inches which I take off the roll, flatten and run as a sheet). And it is much cheaper and more convenient in rolls.

Doug Dolde
28-Dec-2004, 10:15
Thanks for the advice guys. You have eased my mind regarding roll paper.

Of course the second consideration is the cost of the printer itself, paper and ink. I buy Lightjet prints now and the cost me roughly $10.00 per square foot and less in volume orders. And using profiles I always get exactly what I see on my profiled monitor. I expect this would be true with the Epson as well.

But the break even point is quite a ways down the road to where you get to the point that your prints are actually costing you less than Lightjets. I realize that the print-on-demand without waiting for a shipment is a plus but does it offset the hassle factor?

Bob Salomon
28-Dec-2004, 10:18
Tetenal offers 17 x 22" paper.

Kirk Gittings
28-Dec-2004, 10:27
My issue with Lightjet (on Crystal Archive I assume) is the fact that it has only a 60 year (estimated) life before significant fading. That is sufficient for commercial work but completely unacceptable in my opinion for fine art work.