View Full Version : Difference between Toyo 810M and 810MII?

Marco Milazzo
20-Jan-2015, 07:45
Are the differences minor or substantial?

20-Jan-2015, 08:11
The front standard on the MII rotates providing for ~100mm more extension (820mm total) than the M. Other than that I believe that the models are identical but I'm not sure.


20-Jan-2015, 09:29
Thomas is correct, they are identical except for the rotating front standard.
On the 810M, you have to remove either the front standard or the rail and re-insert it backwards to get the extra extension.
See: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?119003-Toyo-810M-Rail-Modification-Bellows-Question&highlight=toyo+810m

There are minor cosmetic differences, like black (not silver) knob covers on the MII, but those don't matter in terms of function or operation of the camera.