View Full Version : Russian FDK: Shutter and Sheet Film

Michael Herzog
27-Dec-2004, 04:31
I have a Russian FDK 13x18 wooden camera. You know, it has no shutter and no sheet holder. Has anybody an idea how to get a shutter for my G-Claron lenses and sheet holders? Has anybody modified his FDK in this way?



27-Dec-2004, 06:03
I've seen holders on ebay.de for the russian cameras. Best thing would be to get a normal 5x7 or 13x18 back that takes normal film holders and put that on.

Ernest Purdum
27-Dec-2004, 07:08
The cells of your G-Claron lenses will thread right in to many Compur, Prontor, Seiko and Copal shutters. Most G-Clarons are shutter size #1. You will, of course, need to have diaphragm scales made. You can find more information on the S.K. Grimes website.

Michael Herzog
28-Dec-2004, 07:12
I have a G-Claron 150 and 240. Has anybody experiences with these lenses with a 13x18?

28-Dec-2004, 07:31
Both cover 5x7 which is basically the same. I kind of wish the 150mm was a stop or two brighter but that's my only issue. IIRC coverage is 80degrees with both so.

150mm image circle 250mm
240mm image circle 402mm.