View Full Version : What Model Horseman 4x5 Studio Camera Is This?

19-Jan-2015, 06:56
I purchased a used Horseman 4x5 camera about 8 years ago, and I never knew what model this camera is.

Does anyone know what model it is?

Thank you.


Greg Miller
19-Jan-2015, 07:35
Just a guess, but I would say it is a Horseman LX.

19-Jan-2015, 08:22
I don' think it is a LX. A 450 maybe or a L45. I am not sure of the differences. This appears to be the same model I have.
It does not have the standard movements on the rail so I doubt it is an LX.

20-Jan-2015, 11:15

I too, own this specific model of Horseman Camera...
And have also, always been interested in finding out which model it is! :)

Although, I have never actually seen this model of camera in a Horseman Catalog or Brochure... I was told that it was a 'First Generation' Horseman LS.
*However, based upon my research... I am not necessarily 100% convinced.

However, I can tell you 'fairly certainly'... That your camera is NOT one of the following Horseman Models:


Horseman 450
Horseman 450B
Horseman 450EM
Horseman 450EM II
Horseman LE
Horseman LX
Horseman LX-C
Horseman L45
Horseman L45PRO


Horseman LS (*As is found in the B&H Section 3b Large Format -- View Camera SourceBook).

The most 'distinguishing' feature of your camera... Is of course it's specific implementation of F.P.R. (Film Plane Rise).

AFAIK, (over the course of time)... Horseman implemented this feature on their various Camera Models... In three (3) different ways. Later on, with their L45PRO Camera... Horseman would 'tout' this feature by a different name -- 'V.A.T.' (Variable Axis Tilt).
This camera is definitely a very desirable Horseman Camera with it's 23712 (460-700mm) Expandable Monorail and Film Plane Rise. The only thing that it is missing on this camera (IMO)... Is of course the 'Yaw Free' Base Tilt. :(

I sincerely hope, that this information has been of some assistance to you! :)
Best regards,