View Full Version : Whats wrong with my negatives?

18-Jan-2015, 23:46
Dear Large Format Friends,
I've started to shoot LF, but somehow my color negative sometimes turn out pretty shitty.

As you can see they have some kind of stripes or what ever it is. for me it looks quite like some mistake during the development?! what do you think? what can be the cause of the problem? dirt on the negatives before development?

please help me and prevent me from going crazy!!!

here is an example of one of those images...


19-Jan-2015, 09:19
Hi Tandori

Welcome to the forum.

Does this happen to all your LF negatives, including B&W?
Have you checked your camera for light leaks?
Is your film fresh?

Can you describe more about your development process?
Equipment, chems, temperature management, technique, etc.