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18-Jan-2015, 22:19
Hi, I started a post on these lenses already and started World War 3 (Sorry about that:confused:) Thought I would try again. I have 7 lenses and I am trying to find out what they are worth.128274starting with the big one on the left, it is a J.H.Dallmeyer 3A #62057 June 11th patent.(US)1867 London. I have 7 aperture plates for it that say 2,3,5,7.5,10,25,50 on them. big one on the right is a Portrait No.6B Voigtlander & sohn no.41098 and i have one aperture plate with a 4 on it. The med one on the left is a Voigtlander & sohn No.10643. Med on the right says this 128275 and below Paris has the numbers 30,410. Small one on the left is a standard optical co. Small middle one says LL mfg co. 1902. Small right one says E&H.T. Anthony&CO Single. 3 .Achromatic.

Any help would be great :)

19-Jan-2015, 09:10
The best source of price/value information is ebay completed sales for similar/identical lenses.

19-Jan-2015, 09:12
Or, take them to a professional appraiser and get an unbiased estimate.

19-Jan-2015, 09:33
What you want is "comps" -- the price paid for comparable product - validated with proof, not opinions offered by people with no name and possibly with vested interests (whatever they may be).

Ken Lee
19-Jan-2015, 10:21
Thread closed, as with other thread. Best of luck with your sale.