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18-Jan-2015, 06:09
Taking my daughter to meet a friend near zoo. So while I have a couple of hours to kill I thought I would take my 4x5 to Oakland Cemetery.
If anyone in ATL area would like to join me there, you are welcome. I will arrive there between 11 and 11:30 a.m.

18-Jan-2015, 06:41
I am sending PM's to a some local photographers.

19-Jan-2015, 11:43
How was it?
I've shot there a couple times, easy to spend hours and hours there.

20-Jan-2015, 11:53
It was a bright sunny day so extreme contrast, shadows, and glare were issues. Oakland is best on overcast days IMO.
Wind forced me to shoot a little faster speed than I like to since trees were in almost every shot. I was shooting HP5+ so took two of each shot, one at box 400 and 1 stop over.

I managed 4 shots in 3 hours after much walking around to find locations. It took about 45 minutes to get to know the camera again and time to determine the fstop/time combination for my actual old shutter speeds. Lots of metering.
Shooting digital, I would have walked away with 50+ shots with buildings in background and more close ups. Plenty to explore there and changes every year.
I have shots from early 2000's with trees that are no longer there.

Fortunately I did not make any normal rookie mistakes like leaving the shutter open when pulling dark slide.
I did try to fire an uncocked shutter and knock the camera after focusing a couple of times but that was not hard to get back. I only hope I remembered to stand behind the lens on every shot.

I will be developing tonight so success will ultimately be determined if my negatives get developed properly and are printable.

20-Jan-2015, 12:22
I wish they would trim/remove the tree blocking my shot of the pyramid.
It's been overcast and foggy here in the Central Valley.

26-Feb-2015, 05:37
I wish I had seen this post sooner. I would have met you there. I have shot there several times both LF and MF.
In April I am hoping to see if we can get a LF group started in Atlanta. I am suprised that the "film" community in Atlanta seems to be almost non-existant.