View Full Version : get a ground glass protector for Canham 4x5 DLC2?

16-Jan-2015, 12:05
it's an extra cost.
from your experiences in the field, would you recommend to get a ground glass protector?


16-Jan-2015, 12:15
Yes; get a piece of clear acrylic from a plastics supplier and have them cut it to size.
You have a GG protector that you can also compose with.

16-Jan-2015, 12:25
that will save me a few bucks.
vs. buying it from Canham

16-Jan-2015, 12:52
if you're prone to breaking things, get a gg protector.
if you can shoot with a broken ground glass, don't get a gg protector.
I've only broken one in the last 15yrs and sometimes no matter what you have over it, it will break because you'll take it off to loupe or whatever. Carrying a spare ground glass made of plexi is probably just as important.

Paul Cunningham
16-Jan-2015, 14:35
Do you have a clear filter on each of your lenses? If so, get a GG protector or you won't sleep at night. (I don't, my bag has enough protection.)

18-Jan-2015, 10:49
i am still shopping for lenses now.
thanks for all the comments, protecting gg is important, i think i will get a gg protector