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Joseph Farrell
25-Dec-2004, 14:19
I have also purchased a Rodenstock Grandagon 150mm f/5.6 lens, used and at a great price, but for good reason. There is a fair amount of dust inside the lens, some fingerprints, and it doesn't shift very smoothly between shutter speeds. Will these things dramatically effect image quality? Is there any way I can remedy these problems without bringing it to a shop? If I bring it to get reconditioned, what is a fair price for something like this? I live in NYC - any suggestions on where to go?

Thanks and Happy New Year

Ralph Barker
25-Dec-2004, 22:55
As the front and rear elements of the lens unscrew from the shutter, you may be able to clean most or all of the dust and fingerprints in that manner. Assuming, that is, that the fingerprints are oily smudges, rather than etched defects caused by someone handling the lens with an acidic substance on their fingers. It's also possible for dust to enter into air spaces, though, so it's possible you might not be able to get at all of the dust. The problem with the shutter, however, will likely need professional attention.

Gem Singer
26-Dec-2004, 08:45
A 150, f 5.6 Grandagon?? That lens would be a huge-sized and heavy weight wide angle lens to use on a Toyo 45AX. If it's a Grandagon in that focal length, it is probably an older lens in an older shutter. I'm not personally familiar with that lens. The newer Rodenstock Grandagons are 155 f6.8.

It probably needs a professional CLA. There is no shortage of places to have that done in NYC. A fair price? That depends on the condition of the shutter. Get a written estimate before you make the decision.

Joseph Farrell
26-Dec-2004, 14:00
You're most certainly right - it's a Schneider, not a Rodenstock. I was thinking of a different lens.

Gem Singer
26-Dec-2004, 16:43

If your lens is a Schneider 150, of older vintage, you just may have a lens that is suffering from a case of "Schneideritis". Small, light colored , almost silvery, flecks on the inside of the lens elements. Mostly near the outer edges. It looks like dust, but it is actually tiny pieces of the paint that Schneider used to use around the edges of the glass elements in order to reduce internal flare. Schneider claims that it does not effect the picture making ability of the lens. No wonder you were able to get such a great price when you purchased it. Show the lens to the experts at Lens and Repro, in NYC. Ask them if it's worth cleaning the lens and CLA'ing the shutter.