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14-Jan-2015, 23:01
Hi everyone !!

I am Luis.

I write from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Keep this site long ago but just now I dare to write.

I have a question I hope you can help me.

I'm repairing a 8x10 Deardorff V8.

Buy a lens Kodak Commercial Ektar 12 "f 6.3 shuttered ilex 4 but without flange - comes from USA in the coming days.

Anyone have one? know the exact extent of the flange to the lens and where to buy?

What is the measure of hole I need on the board ??

Sorry for my English !! I hope you can help me.

Thank you very much !!

Andrew Plume
15-Jan-2015, 03:39
Hello Luis

welcome to this Forum

almost certainly, SK Grimes will be able to make one for you, that's if they do not have it already as 'a stock item':


good luck and regards


15-Jan-2015, 07:42
I have one I can sell. I don't sell directly on forums but I can list it on eBay if you're interested for $35 plus shipping.

15-Jan-2015, 12:55
Thank you all for the answers !!!
Old-N-Feeble, I'm interested in your proposal.
I sent a private message ok?

15-Jan-2015, 13:12
cimarron, I'll reply to the private message once I receive it.

15-Jan-2015, 14:19
No PM Yet. Do you mind sending another message?