View Full Version : got a 8x10 Century studio camera

14-Jan-2015, 19:17
I think Century.. no name or plate on it

anyway.. it takes 9x9 lensboards.. in the 9x9 hole sits an Ilexpo packard shutter with it's own 6.75 x 6.75 lensbord mount

now..this is why this is in lenses instad of cameras

I have a couple of lenses that fit on 9x9 boards but are too big for 6.75 x 6.75 boards... and I want to use the Ilexpo to fire the shutter and trip the flash

is there a way of mounting the shutter INSIDE the camera, on the back side of the front standard maybe, so I can put the lenses on their 9x9 boards into the camera's lensboard carrier - and still use the Ilexpo?????

is this even a good idea

yeah..I know all about black hats and manually tripping the strobe and all that.. but I'd like to have a 'smoother' solution as I can see myself dropping stuff or firing the strobe with the hat on the lens - stuff like that

Steven Tribe
15-Jan-2015, 04:19
A normal Packard can be fitted (and easily removed, if necessary) on the back of the front standard - these can be found in bigger sizes than the Ilexpo.

Or you could use the standard European solution with the large Eyelid/Grundner shutter mounted in the same place. Grundners can be mounted on any size plywood board. These will require a brass connector to be installed in the front standard. Making a mechanical device to fire flash is not rocket science.

Not all Century studio cameras have identifying plates.

If you have just a few very large lenses, the Guerry front mounted shutters would work well, as well as attracting a lot of attention!

15-Jan-2015, 08:48
Steve Tribe covered it all.

I mounted a very large Packard behind my 9x9" board, allowing other boards to be mounted in front. The shutter stays where it is all the time. It has a micro-switch to accommodate flash. The air hose and flash wiring run to behind the shutter. All is well. I highly recommend it.

Thanks, Steve

17-Jan-2015, 22:50
I have a C-1 with Packard behind a 6x6 board. Snug but fits. My century universal is air driven Packard on a 6 inch board as well.

Randy Moe
17-Jan-2015, 23:41
I have 4-1/2" ID Packard shutter recessed 2 inches behind my 8X8 lens board opening on my Dearorrff 11x14 SC11. Recessed so I may use lenses that have protruding rear elements.

I have also fitted 2 Linhof 9X9 lens-boards with rear mounted, 1" rear clearance 3-1/2" ID Packard shutter for various Sinar and bigger adapter mounted lenses. These are used with a 50's 8X10 Linhof.

I can mount nearly any large lens with these 2 systems.

All the Packard's have DIY micro switch sync installed. Which is very easy to do.