View Full Version : Question about Ilford liquid rapid fixer?

13-Jan-2015, 08:19
I have never used Ilford rapid fixer before. I have always used Kodak powdered fix. Simple question can Ilford fixer be mixed in gallon quanities and reused by pouring the used solution back into the unused fixer solution?
I have always used my powder fixer this way.

Also powdered fixer works with any film or paper. Does Ilford Rapid Fix work with any film or paper?

13-Jan-2015, 09:10
Yes it can, and works with all films & papers. However don't use fixer you've used for film with papers as the iodide level affects the paper fixing particularly with fibre based papers.

It's better to keep a separate batch for films and use 2 bath fixing for papers.


Andrew O'Neill
13-Jan-2015, 10:01
Yes and yes and what Ian said. I've been using Ilford Rapid Fix for years.

Peter Lewin
13-Jan-2015, 11:06
Ian, Andrew: Could you please expand on the issues of using the same fixer for both film and prints? I've been using the same batch of TF-4 for both negative and print fixing (keeping track of the square inches fixed to stay well within the recommended limits) for several years without noticeable problems, but don't want to continue a practice if it is ill-advised. (FWIW, my practice has been to mix up 2 liters of working solution at a time, and use that quantity for 30 11x14 fiber based prints, or the equal number of square inches when combining with negatives, counting 4 4x5s as the equivalent of an 8x10 sheet, or 8 4x5s as equivalent to a sheet of 11x14 paper, my normal print size).

13-Jan-2015, 13:15
Iodide inhibits the full equilibrium reaction of Thiosulphate when it dissolves silver, that can leave semi-soluble silver/thiosulphate complexes which bind with the cellulose base of Fibre based papers. It's not a problem with films and not so b ad with RC papers.