View Full Version : Apo Symmar 210mm on 8X10

9-Jan-2015, 17:47
The chart reads 305mm At F22 at inf.
Has anyone had actual experience using this lens on 8X10 and can share their experience?

Greg Davis
9-Jan-2015, 17:52
I have that combo. At infinity there are no movements and you need to check the corners very carefully. I use it for tabletop at close distances in a cramped space without any problems.

9-Jan-2015, 18:06

Daniel Stone
9-Jan-2015, 20:53
As Greg mentioned, it works fine for close-up work. Not as good as a 210 Macro Sironar, but it's workable. I wouldn't use it for infinity work however.


Drew Bedo
11-Jan-2015, 08:02
I have used my 210mmSynnar-S at infinity on my8x10 Kodak 2D. seems to work well for me but then, the 2D has no swing or tilt on the front standard. And yeah . . .works great for still life/close-up compositions.