View Full Version : Anyone using a Hoodman Loupe?

9-Jan-2015, 13:59
I was curious if anyone uses one of those Hoodman-style LCD loupes for checking ground glass when used out-of-doors? They seem like they should work well, being designed to block ambient light and magnify the LCD, which in this case wouldn't be an LCD but the ground glass?

Google "Hoodman HoodLoupe" if you're not familiar with what I'm referring to.

Bob Salomon
9-Jan-2015, 14:27
Yes, I have one. Works great on a LCD but it has far too little magnification for critical ground glass focusing. If it had enough magnification for gg work then you would not be able to really judge the focus on the LCD as the pixels would be too magnified.

Get a good focusing gg loupe.

9-Jan-2015, 14:53
Mine is by a different manufacturer but it is invaluable with my Sigma DP2 Merrill. But I don't think it would quite as good on ground glass. Besides, it is a lot bulkier than my focusing loupe.

9-Jan-2015, 16:37
It can't have less magnification than my Cambo straight or reflex finders. . . Or than Linhof's equivalent can it?

I'm good with the Cambo hoods.

9-Jan-2015, 18:08
I've tried it. I've gone back to my (much cheaper) magnifying loupe. I wanted to the Hoodman to work, but it just wasn't as good a solution.