View Full Version : Best film/developer approach for high contrast -- pushed -- processing

Eric Woodbury
8-Jan-2015, 15:56
I like using N+2 to N+4 development for very low contrast lighting situations. In the past I've used Tech Pan. Controlling Tech Pan can be very difficult. I have plenty of the film, both roll and sheets, so I could work it out, but I want something with a more conventional look; shadows not too blocked and less than bullet proof highlights. I'd prefer either Ilford FP4 or HP5, and as long as I'm wishing, some form of XTOL. Does anybody have an easily controlled, high-contrast film/develop combo that works for N+2 and greater. Best if the grain doesn't run away. Other films and developers are okay, too.

Thanks for the help.

Peter De Smidt
8-Jan-2015, 18:31
I don't know about FP4+, but HP5+ doesn't like to go above N+2 in my experience. Why not use Acros, TMX or Delta 100 in Xtol stock? Those combos should be able to give you plenty of contrast while keeping grain down. If you need more speed, then Xtol stock + TMY.

Daniel Stone
8-Jan-2015, 19:00
Tmax 400 and Pyrocat-HD works great for me
(raw San Diego sunlight in the below photo, 4x5)