View Full Version : Sinaron SE 135mm f/5.6 filter thread size??

8-Jan-2015, 10:34

I've been trying without success to determine the filter thread size for my Sinaron SE 135mm f/5.6. Can anyone help?

My intention is to use it with my Lee filters and bellows lens hood - can anyone see any reason why I wouldn't?

Many thanks

8-Jan-2015, 10:52
If it is the same as its Rodenstock brother where filters are concerned, 49mm - or 51mm push-on.

Oren Grad
8-Jan-2015, 10:57
The Sinaron SE corresponds to the Apo-Sironar-S.

In the 135 focal length, the filter size is 49mm screw-in, 51mm push-on. These numbers are consistent between the Rodenstock and Sinar specification sheets.

8-Jan-2015, 12:53
That's really helpful - thanks so much

9-Jan-2015, 08:52
I can definitely verify the 51mm push-on because that's the Tiffen adapters I'm using on mine.