View Full Version : How to remove crud from negative once it's dried

Rev. Sidney Flack
19-Aug-1999, 19:07
I have some important TMX negative that, through my own negligence, have an alar ming amount of crud on them. The most embarrassing part is that I saw the crud on them when I removed them from photoflo, noted that it must have come from the bottome of the bottle foam I'd just emptied into the bath, and then hung them u p to dry! I've tried resoaking them in photoflo and have used a microfiber clot h on the base side where much of it resides. But I've had little or no success. Any suggestions?

Tony Novak-Clifford
20-Aug-1999, 14:19
Try giving the film another extended wash...this will be more difficult if you have already cot your negatives. A strong wash with agitation will generaly remove most of the crud...then re-photoflo as normal.

Steve Singleton
21-Aug-1999, 21:35
If the extended wash doesn't work, you might try a solvent such as PEC 12. It does a wonderful job of removing ink from prints. The bottle comes with a finger pump spray head and I'd hope it might let the crud run off. If not, you might have to use a lens chamois or cloth besides.