View Full Version : Does a Deardorff 8x10 back fit a Calumet C-1 back?

James Wigger
6-Jan-2015, 13:51
This may have been answered elsewhere in the forum, but I am pressed for time and thought I would throw it out there and see what happens.

I have vague recollections that a Deardorff and the C-1 backs are compatible, but not enough to buy something without really knowing.
Thank you in advance for any information gleaned, it is deeply appreciated.

Jon Shiu
6-Jan-2015, 13:52
No, they are totally different design, not interchangeable.


James Wigger
6-Jan-2015, 14:25
Dang it. Thanks Jon!

James Wigger
6-Jan-2015, 15:17
Now that I've seen a photo of the Deardorff back I wanted to buy (which wasn't available earlier), it is obvious that it wouldn't work.

Tracy Storer
7-Jan-2015, 16:59
It's the 6x6 round cornered lensboards that share some interchangeability. (sometimes the metal C-1 boards need to be filed down to fit a Deardorff)

James Wigger
8-Jan-2015, 13:22
I guess that was what was ringing in my ears, thanks Tracy.

8-Jan-2015, 15:03
Adapter kit in the form of The Handymans Secret Weapon, Duct Tape?

Tracy Storer
9-Jan-2015, 15:43
Just for posterity for anyone else looking for info in the future, it is worth noting that backs for the Calumet C-1 (Green Monster) actually bolt on with two knurled head screws at 3 and 9 o'clock when the 8x10 back is in vertical (portrait) orientation.

Adapter kit in the form of The Handymans Secret Weapon, Duct Tape?