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5-Jan-2015, 14:20
So I saw the thread on the shutter tester for iphone and remembered I had an old Calumet shutter tester that basically works the same way. Light diode measures time and outputs to screen.
So I decided to put in new batteries and see just how bad my shutters really are. Of course my lenses are older and the sellers always claim the shutters "sound right".

I was planning on doing some film tests in the next couple of weeks so it is one more piece of the exposure pie I have to remember.

Copal #1 shutter (fairly new model) worked the best of the 3. It had good speed from 1 second to 1/60th. at 1/125 It was 1/2 stop slow, at 1/250 it was 2/3 stop slow, and 1/400 was basically 1/200th.

The synchro Compur was the worst of the lot and had my best lens mounted in it. It was 2+ stops slow for speeds 1/400 to 1/50 then sticky after that with no real useability accept for manual bulb exposures. (moved this lens to the Copal)

The second syncro compur - P was consistently 1.3 to 1.67 stops slow throughout its speeds until 1/2 at which point it became sticky and unreliable. I could use it but would have to adjust by 1.5 stops when shooting or stop down.

I looked at the price of new copal 1 and copal 0 shutters and was shocked.
I guess these will be going for a CLA and pray they improve.

5-Jan-2015, 19:00
Yup, have 3 Calumet shutter speed testers as spares.....L

Liquid Artist
5-Jan-2015, 22:45
My shutter speed tester isn't as accurate, but works.
I take a photo with the lens, and if I am happy with the results I leave the shutter alone, if not I'll get it serviced.

I have only not been happy with 1 shutter I've owned, and it was worst after the CLA.
Plus there is always a chance of it getting lost whenever you send it off.

In my opinion the only place a professional CLA makes a real difference is when you sell a lens. It may not raise the price, but will most likely make it easier to sell.