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5-Jan-2015, 11:04
Hi Folks,

Just bought my second LF lens, and needed to by another lens board for it, like my existing lens is has a copal 0 shutter, so I bought what I thought was a copal 0 lens board( linhof, wista type, camera is a wista 45d).

I thought nothing else of it until it arrived today and I noticed that the hole was not centre, which looked quite odd, I had a quick look on the site I bought the lens board and it does actually say 'off-centre' board.. DOOH.

can I still use this board? or do I need to send it back and get it replaced?



Bob Salomon
5-Jan-2015, 11:20
Actually for a Linhof or a Wista that is where the hole is supposed to be. There are all sorts of threads about the hole placement on a Technika 45 board on this forum. Do a search and read them.

5-Jan-2015, 12:55
just use it, it'll be fine...