View Full Version : Agfa 8x10 Studio View Camera - From pile of crap to ready to shoot in 3 days!

Robert Oliver
4-Jan-2015, 22:19
On Friday I got a pretty sweet deal on a pile of crap on Craigslist... The camera had been stripped for refinishing and never put back together. Somebody hit the camera pretty hard with sand paper, but didn't get very far. The table top was missing and two of the 3 casters were broken...

A lot of wood oil... some penetrating oil for the rusty bits... a couple of trips to the hardware store... and here she is!

I worked on it over the weekend and got it pretty much ready to shoot again! I just need to make a lensboard or two and modify my 8x10 film back to fit.

Fun weekend! Can't wait to get this beast back into action!

Now to find a lens fitting for this camera...


Liquid Artist
4-Jan-2015, 22:36
Congrats, and good job.

I wish I could get a deal like that, however even if I did I wouldn't have the time to work on it.

Robert Oliver
4-Jan-2015, 22:43
can anybody shoot a picture of their rear tilt mechanism? way back up and underneath the rear standard? Having trouble figuring that out. Not sure if I'm missing a piece or just not understanding it.

If I put the brass round part in the hole... the hinge hits it preventing rear tilt. If I take it out, I can tilt both directions.


Robert Oliver
4-Jan-2015, 22:47

5-Jan-2015, 18:45
I am sufficiently jealous. :-)

5-Jan-2015, 20:52

Let me know if you don't figure it out by Wednesday. I'll be home then and can take photos of mine.


Michael Cienfuegos
7-Jan-2015, 00:13
It's looking really good. A job well done.


Jeff T
7-Jan-2015, 03:59
Congrats Robert, I saw that ad in Ontario but couldn't act on it quick enough. I don't need another 8x10 but I thought it was a great price for the package. What is the maximum extension for the bellow? Eddie Gunks has a great video on YouTube about Agfa/Ansco studio camera.

Robert Oliver
7-Jan-2015, 10:12
I get about 39 inches of bellows before they start to make crackling sounds...

Robert Oliver
7-Jan-2015, 10:28

Let me know if you don't figure it out by Wednesday. I'll be home then and can take photos of mine.


Tim, that would be great... not sure how close the Century mechanism is to the Agfa, but would love to see it.