View Full Version : Eastman Kodak brass Tripod Brace

4-Jan-2015, 15:50
Just in case you've never seen one, I thought I'd post. It took me a while to figure out what an Eastman Tripod Brace was, it was in a camera kit I bought this weekend at an antique show. Looks somewhat useful, I shoot old Graflex/Folmer Crown tripods a lot. But I've never had one collapse, without a brace. Looks neat anyway.


Liquid Artist
4-Jan-2015, 16:21
It looks good.

I wouldn't do this with a beautiful wooden tripod, but I often shoot in loose powdery snow, and more often than not the legs will only sink so far if they are braced. Pretty much wedging the tripod up so it's solid. However if they aren't braced it'll pretty much push the legs further out until your camera is in the snow.

Jim Jones
5-Jan-2015, 07:48
I'd clamp over the brass plates, not over the wood of the legs. The thumbscrew leaves a mark in the wood.

5-Jan-2015, 09:12
So drilling a hole in each leg to run a string is a no-no? Just kidding. Cherry is very hard, but I'll do that next time.