View Full Version : what exactly was modified by ZONE VI in the pentax spot meter?

3-Jan-2015, 15:16
Other then the sticker and marketing accessories, was anything actually modified by Zone VI to any of the spot meters they sold?

What modifications could possibly make the Pentax meter better, or different?

Ken Lee
3-Jan-2015, 15:20
As this topic has been discussed many times over many years, you can search this forum using Google. Google does a better job than the forum software's default search engine.

Try typing the following into a Google search window (or click on the following link): zone vi modified site:largeformatphotography.info (https://www.google.com/search?q=zone+vi+modified+site%3Alargeformatphotography.info&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8)

With Google, you can limit the search to a particular domain by appending site: followed by the domain name. In this case site:largeformatphotography.info

3-Jan-2015, 15:45
got it, thanks.

Peter Collins
3-Jan-2015, 16:40
I think Paul Butzi has done some testing and research, and has challenged anyone to bring forth test data that contradict his conclusions. Here is a summary from one of his web pages:

Are the Zone VI meter modifications worth the cost?

For years people have argued about whether there was any real difference between the Zone VI modified Pentax Digital Spotmeter and the unmodified meter. I happened to own one of each, and took the opportunity to compare them head to head.

Zone VI meter modifications (reprised)

I examine an article by Alan Ross on the modifications (the one on the calumet web site), some scanned pages from the old Zone VI catalog, some criticism leveled at my data by Kirk Gittings, and decide that a) the modifications do not improve the accuracy of the meter, and b) so much time has elapsed since I first published my data that I no longer feel my conclusions are tentative at all.

Go to:

and click on the article titles--they are links.

Have fun in murky waters!

Deane Johnson
3-Jan-2015, 19:39
Seems that I remember them being promoted as having a filter added that corrected the light hitting the sensor relative to b&w film, along with some baffles to reduce internal reflections.

3-Jan-2015, 19:48
Google has all the info, should have searched before asking, there is no need to continue this thread, again.