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3-Jan-2015, 12:53
I recently purchased an older model Arca Swiss 8x10 camera. This reducing board came with it. Does anyone know what model 4x5 back assembly will work with it?



Emmanuel BIGLER
3-Jan-2015, 13:04
Hello !

Your reducing plate bears the Arca Swiss Oschwald logo i.e. it is a pre-1984 item.
Hence it will accommodate any pre-1984 Arca Swiss Oschwald 4x5" back, you should check that the inner distance between the centering pins should be 171 mm like for lens boards.
On Arca Swiss cameras, the International film back is held by a square plate of same size as a lens board i.e. 171x171 mm.
But since the dimension of 171 mm did not change for lens boards and backs with the first F-line 4x5" cameras after 1984, there is a reasonable chance that any 171 mm 4x5" back could fit, either Oschwald or F-line.

3-Jan-2015, 13:16

Thanks for your reply and information about my camera. I knew it was older but didn't know what model it was.

I measured the distance between the centering pins and it is 171mm.

Now I just need to find a 4x5 back.