View Full Version : Polaroid 8x10 xray cassettes

2-Jan-2015, 15:01

I can pick up some Polaroid X-ray cassettes for 8x10 for a decent price. My biggest concern: Can I use those like the normal cassettes? These cassettes have the xray screen. I have not found on google if those screens can be removed and be used as normal Polaroid 8x10 cassettes. Anubody have any info on this?



John Kasaian
2-Jan-2015, 15:14
Large Animal Vets probably still use a lot of x-rays. You might buy one a cup of coffee sometime and pump them for an opinion. Most are pretty nice people.

4-Jan-2015, 12:45
Well I bought one but I don't think they can be rebuild to be a normal polaroid film holder.

4-Jan-2015, 13:30
You can prepare by looking at the manual found here (http://www.digoliardi.net/polaroid-8x10-xray.pdf).