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Steve Schaefer
20-Dec-2004, 15:31
I am teaching a studio class spring semester, and have been put in charge of getting all the cameras in working order. Most of the 4x5s are newer Calumet,but in the back of the cabinet was a old Grover. The Grover is in good shape, but there is no way to attach it to a tripod. There must have been a rail clamp at one time. but it's no where to be found. This Grover has an octagonal rail. If any one knows of a rail clamp source for this camera please let me know.


Gem Singer
20-Dec-2004, 16:20
Hi Steve,

Give Lens and Repro ( New York) a call. They may have a tripod block for that old Grover laying around in scrap box, drawer, or dusty corner. It's worth a try.

Vick Vickery
20-Dec-2004, 17:17
It would be really easy for a machinest to make a thick steel block for the bottom and a thinner steel strap for the top, connecting them with 1/4" bolts on each side, leaving the bottom flat (either tap the bottom piece from its top or recess the bolt heads from the bottom); tap a 1/4" x 20 hole in the bottom center and you're finished. Shouldn't even cost too much!

20-Dec-2004, 20:09
Can one not buy small G-clamps with a tripod socket? I'm sure I saw one somewhere... Not the most elegant solution I admit, but should work.


Paul Fitzgerald
20-Dec-2004, 20:38
Why not just drill and screw a tripod adapter plate to the bottom of the rail? Then it can fit into your tripod head.

Happy holidays.