View Full Version : Shen Hao exterior camera? 6" and 8"?

20-Dec-2004, 14:13
Are these new? Or have they always been on the Shen Hao website? What are they? I'd guess full plate but the website shows two different cameras. One 6" one 8". Can't be square format can they?

Edward (Halifax,NS)
22-Dec-2004, 06:55
I have been to the site fairly recently and these two cameras were not there. They don't seem to have much info posted: just the pictures of the two cameras.

22-Dec-2004, 07:39
The 8" interior [A studio stand camera] is 6x8 so I'm guessing the 8" exterior is also 6x8 and the 6" might be 4x6. If they sold reducing backs then they might be interesting. 6x8 when you feel like. Or 5x7/4x5 the rest of the time. They also seem to have some simpler 4x5 and 8x10 cameras. No rear rise. Less rear shift and only base tilt on the rear. All the other specs seem the same. I assume these would be cheaper then the other cameras. I've sent them an email but no reply yet.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
22-Dec-2004, 07:48
One of the US distributers, I can't remember which, had the CJ45 for $450. Nobody seems to carry it anymore.

22-Dec-2004, 08:06
I wonder if the 8x10 is also that much cheaper. $450 sounds like 20+% less then the other 4x5 model. I can live without rear rise.