View Full Version : Are these some kind of infinity stops? Or something else LF related?

27-Dec-2014, 12:42
I recently came across these in a box of old camera gear, so my first (possibly incorrect) assumption is that they're related to cameras in the first place...

They appear to be some kind of stops- the little red knobs open a mini "Arca-style" clamp that I'm guessing could fit on a field camera bed rail. They are solidly made from machined aluminum alloy. The only maker's markings I can find are on them are tiny "PEM" stamps on the threaded silver bits.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!


Louis Pacilla
27-Dec-2014, 12:57
Stroboframe was/is the company who manufactures them . Used for flash attachment and of course are not hot.

Robert Oliver
27-Dec-2014, 14:39
yep... it is a shoe for mounting a strobe to a flash bracket. Can also be used to mount flashes to clamps

Tin Can
27-Dec-2014, 15:23
I use them all the time. Very handy with modern strobes that have electrical pins on the 'hot' foot. Using these prevents shorting them out.

27-Dec-2014, 18:21
Thanks everyone- I never would have guessed! I haven't used any kind of flash at all for more than a decade, and it didn't occur to me that the groove matches the profile of a hot shoe...