View Full Version : Darkroom cook book

25-Dec-2014, 10:46
I just orders this book and was wondering what your opinions were on it.

David Karp
25-Dec-2014, 11:38
More formulae in there than you could ever use. Lots of good info. Very useful addition to a darkroom user's library.

25-Dec-2014, 23:02
A must have book for any darkroom user , I consult mine all the time.
Mixing from scratch will save a bunch of money, plus a lot of formulas for interesting developers that are not readily available commercially.
You will want to buy a scale.

Pete Watkins
26-Dec-2014, 02:48
A really great book!

26-Dec-2014, 04:17
thanks for the replys im happy to receive it.

Michael Wesik
26-Dec-2014, 08:37
Couldn't agree more with everyone. It's a great reference along with:

- The Film Developing Cookbook
- Tim Rudman's The Photographer's Master Printing Course
- Tim Rudman's The Photographer's Master Toning Course
- Ansel Adam's The Negative; The Print; The Camera
- Gordon Hutchings' The Book of Pyro and the PMK Formula

Have fun!


John Kasaian
26-Dec-2014, 10:21
Yup, good book!:)