View Full Version : Golden Busch view cameras 12x20

24-Dec-2014, 14:36
I have a 12x20 Golden Busch camera. Looking for information on camera or perhaps other Golden Busch camera owners. Any person with knowledge of this camera film holders. jerry

Scott Davis
29-Dec-2014, 08:10
These were rare items (the de Golden Busch cameras). If I recall correctly, they were made in low double-digit numbers (as in under 50). If memory also serves, the film holders for them were not ANSI/ISO standard designs. If you don't currently have a set of matched film holders, you'll probably have to have them custom made. They're very much Rolls Royces of cameras- finely made, quirky, and grossly overbuilt and underengineered. That's not to say I wouldn't use one if I were given one :)

Oren Grad
29-Dec-2014, 09:14
A sort of ghostly shadow of the old web site for the cameras is still up. Not really any legible information on the products, but the contact info for Douglas Busch looks to be current - it matches the info on his main website - so if you have any specific questions...