View Full Version : Schneider Symar S 135mm F5.6 Query

Steve Bell
19-Dec-2004, 04:05
I have just aquired a Schneider Symar S 135mm F5.6 lens. The lens glass is unmarked and clear, the shutter appears to be reasonably accurate. There is one odd thing about it I've never seen before, and wonder if it can effect its performance. Looking through the front of the lens, the edges of the glass elements appear to have white dots where the glass meets the barrel. This is only on its edge, not the surfaces. As its not in the light path it shouldn't have any effect, but could it have an effect on flare or am I being over concerned?

ronald moravec
19-Dec-2004, 04:18
My 135 Symar S does nor have these, but my 35 Curtagon shift lens was that way when new and is now 20 years old and it seems not to affect the image compared to other 35 MM Leica glass I own.

Steve Bell
19-Dec-2004, 05:32
Thanks for the reply. I'll be trying out the lens later today after finally getting all my LF kit together. just loaded my first DD slides with FP4+, hopefully dust free, will develop tonight, and taking some slightly outdated Velvia quick loads to have processed later.

Dave Moeller
19-Dec-2004, 06:07
This sounds like a typical case of "Schneideritis"; it isn't uncommon, and it should impact the performance of the lens at all.

Frank Petronio
19-Dec-2004, 07:35
It is the paint flaking off the inside of the lens. It lowers the resale value of the lens, and hopefully you didn't overpay. Many people claim it has no effect, but then some people claim they see the subtle effects of many other variables, like between brands of UV filters and what-not.

Schneider eventually learned how to paint the insides of their lenses in the 1980s. That's why I own Rodenstocks.

Steve Bell
19-Dec-2004, 08:49
Frank, the lens only cost me 3 hours of my time resolving some computer problems. Its previous owner now uses faster LF Nikon lenses and had no use for it. If it performs OK I'll be keeping it.

Gem Singer
19-Dec-2004, 10:55
Hi Steve,

Your lens has "Schneideritis", a common ailment. It won't effect its ability to make beautiful images, but it probably will effect the re-sale value. You are being over concerned. For what it cost you, you got a good deal.