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Michael Kadillak
18-Dec-2004, 22:18
Does anyone have the phone number for C&H ? I have a used C&H mat cutter that has a loose head and I need to contact them about the best way to repair this unit and if they have a distributor that could assist me in the Denver metro area. A users manual would also be helpful.

Fabulous pipece of equipment, but it can be rather complicated to use to its full potential if you do not use them on a regular basis.

Thanks in advance.

18-Dec-2004, 22:49
Michael-C&H is part of Nielsen & Bainbridge. Their number is 1-800-526-9073. I know you can order parts from them and they can probably walk you through fixing it. Good luck Mark

Michael Kadillak
19-Dec-2004, 08:02
Thanks Mark. I will give them a call on Monday.


Ted Harris
21-Dec-2004, 10:29

If you haen't called yet the person you want to talk to is Gritsco. He is the expert and can walk you through anything.

Michael Kadillak
21-Dec-2004, 10:35
I spoke to C&H this morning and it is refreshing to get a knowledgable person on the other line that can get your needs taken care of. Glad I went with their product as I am taken care of. The owners manual I requested and was willing to pay for is on the way at no cost. Needless to say, I am a very happy and pleased customer and I conveyed this to them over the phone.

Happy Holidays to all! What a great group of folks to be able to call upon.