View Full Version : Sironar-N 210mm f/5.6 vs Fujinon-W 210mm f/5.6??

21-Dec-2014, 11:41
Are these two lenses comparable as far as sharpness, contrast etc.?
Which would you choose?

Alan Gales
21-Dec-2014, 12:20
I believe there are two versions of the Fujinon W 210. The older one is single coated and has enough coverage for 8x10. It has all the lettering on the inside of the barrel around the glass. The newer multicoated lens has the lettering around the outside of the lens barrel.

If it was me, I would want the older Fujinon because it covers 8x10. I own a Fujinon 250mm f/6.7 single coated lens that I like quite well. It's plenty sharp and contrasty.

21-Dec-2014, 13:23
The older Fujinon-W is not around very often. The newer Fujinon is readily available.
I was wondering about the comparison of the two, Sironar-N and the newer Fujinon-W would they be considered equals?

Alan Gales
21-Dec-2014, 13:59
As far as sharpness and contrast go they should be about equal. I'm sure that they have a little bit of a different "look" if you were to compare them side by side. One might be a little bit warmer or something than the other.

Peter De Smidt
21-Dec-2014, 14:40
I have the Fuji. It's a terrific lens, but the 210s from the major makers are all very good, minus any lemons. A friend of mine is a LF dealer. He's sold a lot of lenses over the years. According to him, the Fujinons had by far the lowest return and repair rates.